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High Gastric Acid: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

High stomach acid disease is often felt by some people. Someone who complains of suffering from acid reflux disease will usually complain of burning (heartburn), pain in the stomach or solar plexus. This perceived condition can usually be treated with heartburn to relieve the excruciating pain. What Does High Gastric Acid Like? Stomach acid is a compound… Read More »

15 Cancer Prevention Foods, Myths or Facts?

 Cancer is a deadly disease that if it has attacked, it will be difficult to treat it. The best thing you can do to avoid cancer is to prevent it. One way to prevent cancer is to consume a number of nutritious foods. So, what are cancer prevention foods that should be consumed? 15 Effective Cancer Prevention Foods… Read More »

10 Causes of Lumps in the Groin of Men and Women

Sometimes men and women can find lumps in the groin that can amount to more than one and can move places. These lumps are sometimes purplish-red and feel painful when touched or pressed gently. Furthermore, the bumps that appear can be large or small. Well, what about these lumps? Then what is the cause of this lump in… Read More »

8 Dangers of Using Headsets for the Ear and Brain

It has become a habit among modern people to use headsets in everyday life. Although you already know the dangers of using a headset, the need for a loudspeaker is like a need. The danger of a headset from listening to a portable music player (PMP), such as an MP3 player, can make ear injuries. What happens if we… Read More »

Asthma – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease that makes it difficult for sufferers to breathe. Asthma disrupts the airways, which causes the airway muscles to contract, narrow and become inflamed or produce mucus. Asthma Symptoms Every asthma sufferer will have different severity of symptoms and different triggers. Some people can be asymptomatic, but there is a phase when… Read More »