Types of Stomach Medication Based on the Causes

By | August 22, 2019

Stomach ache is a health disorder that is commonly experienced by everyone. Generally, the stomach will feel like it is wrapped around so that it can cause quite disturbing pain effects. This stomach twisting condition is caused by a number of factors, ranging from mild to serious ones. What causes stomach twisting? How to treat a twisted stomach? What kind of stomach medicine to take?

Suggested Causes of Stomach Stomach and Stomach Stomach Medication

Before discussing further, you need to know in advance what causes abdominal pain such as being wrapped. The following causes stomach upset, as quoted from various sources:

1. The intestine moves too fast

Based on information from Dr. Errawan Wiradisuria, SPB-KBD, M. Kes, a digestive surgeon and laparoscopic surgeon at the Friendship Hospital in Jakarta, causes stomach ulcers to be caused by intestinal movements that move too fast. As a result, the stomach can experience diarrhea and feels like it is wrapped.
The intestine has a movement called peristalsis. Peristaltic is intestinal movement from top to bottom whose purpose is to move fluid. Ideally, the intestine moves within a span of 10-12 seconds. The movement of the intestine is driven by autonomic nerves that are initiated from the entry of food into the intestine.
According to Dr. Agastjya Wisjnu Wardhana, SPD of the National Police Hospital, Jakarta, there are several things that cause why the intestine moves too fast so that it causes a sensation like being twisted, including:
  • Foods, such as fried foods, cheese, cow’s milk, coconut milk, fatty foods, and spicy foods.
  • Women in menstrual conditions
  • Stress
  • Diarrhea
  • Typhus
Intestine that moves too fast causes the stomach to twist. However, this condition tends to be harmless, as long as the incident does not last too long.
If within one or more weeks you still experience a stomach twist, immediately consult a doctor to do the examination and administration of the appropriate stomach wrap medicine, such as
Both of these drugs function to protect and strengthen the stomach and the lining of the small intestine.

2. Gastric Acid

The cause of the stomach to churn due to stomach acid is actually related to the explanation in the previous point. When someone consumes a number of types of food such as spicy, sour, and bosentan food, the possibility of stomach acid will increase its production.
As a result of increased stomach acid volume, the stomach will feel bloated, to diarrhea. Well, diarrhea is what then causes the stomach to twist.

3. Urinary Tract Disorders

There is a problem in the urinary tract or urinary tract is also suspected to be a cause of stomach-churning. Urinary tract disorders themselves are caused by the habit of frequently holding back urination, or you have kidney stone disease. If it is so, then usually the patient will experience a stomach wrapped around the bottom that extends to the waist and groin.

4. Constipation

Constipation is a condition where the body has difficulty defecating (bowel movements) due to feces or feces that are too hard. The cause of constipation is usually less intake of fibrous food or water. In certain cases, constipation is actually caused by intestinal inflammation, to cancer.
As a result of difficult stools, constipation sufferers will experience pain in the stomach, especially in the navel. Stomach medicine wrapped around due to constipation is usually in the form of laxatives, such as:
  • Stool softeners (Ispaghula, methylcellulose and sterculia, lactulose, macrogols)
  • Stimulant CHAPTER (Senna, sodium picosulphate, bisacodyl)

5. Gallstones

Gallstones are a disease characterized by the appearance of ‘stones’ in the gall bladder which are formed by hardening the digestive juices. The cause of hardening can be due to dietary factors, such as the consumption of fatty foods and high cholesterol.
One symptom of gallstones is a twisted stomach followed by pain in the gut and sometimes spreads to the back of the body.
In order to relieve the stomach twisting due to gallstones, and eliminate gallstones (if it is still in a mild stage), the doctor will give a stomach drug wrapped around it to relieve pain in the form of bile acids which consist of ursodiol and chenodiol which are responsible for dissolving gallstones.
If the cause of your stomach is wrapped around gallstones, then how to treat a stomach wrap is of course by going to the doctor for further treatment.

Overcome the Stomach Twining with Natural Stomach Twisting Medication

In addition to using chemical drugs, how to treat a twisted stomach can also be by consuming a number of natural ingredients, you know.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is believed to relieve stomach twists. This is because the acidic nature of apple cider vinegar is able to help complex carbohydrates that cannot be dissolved by water (starch) to be digested properly and quickly to the intestine. In addition, apple cider vinegar also works to treat good bacteria in the intestine.

2. Ginger

Since ancient times, ginger has been believed to be a stomachache medicine, not to mention stomach twisting medicine. According to research, ginger has an anti-inflammatory agent that works to prevent inflammation of the stomach which often causes stomach nausea until the stomach is wrapped around.

3. Mint Leaves

Another natural stomach twisting drug that is considered effective in dealing with stomach twisting is mint leaves. The leaves that contain menthol are believed to be able to relieve a sick stomach because the menthol is analgesic, whose function is to reduce stomach pain and nausea.


Banana, rice, apple sauce, and toast (BRAT) are ways of treating a stomach that is claimed to be effective to relieve a stomach that is twisted due to diarrhea, to nausea. Four types of food can be said as a natural medicine for stomach twisting because it is low in fiber but rich in binding agents, thus helping the intestine to be able to perform peristalsis smoothly and normally.
The four stomach loops above but not necessarily can be used as a reference to eliminate the stomach twisting disorder that you experience because the medical evidence is still not strong. Medical examination still needs to be done to find the most appropriate formula for curing stomach pain.

Tips to Relieve a Stomach Wrap around without a Stomach Wrap medicine

Not only with medication, relieve stomach twisting can be done with the following tips:
  • Avoid activities that have the potential to cause a buildup of air in the stomach, such as eating fast, drinking soft drinks, and chewing gum
  • Reduce eating foods that trigger the stomach to twist like spicy food
  • Eat the ideal portion
  • Get enough rest
  • After eating, don’t lie down immediately. Give a pause about 2 hours before you lay down
If your stomach still feels like it has been twisted after taking medicine, don’t delay to go to the doctor before something more serious happens. May be useful!